Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Levels of Understanding

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Anything in this world can be understood at different depths. For example, a small plastic cup can be understood at the surface level as a material for holding water, which is green in color, having a particular texture and so on..On a slightly deeper level it can be understood that it is made of plastic, whether is food grade or not, whether it will crumble when hot water is put into it and so on..On an ever deeper level it could be understood the type of plastic it is made of and if we go even deeper what is the molecular structure of the plastic, what are elements present in it, what is the chemical bond between the atoms and so on.. So when we say that we know something, it depends on what level you know that. At the surface level if we understand it and we believe that we know it, then we may not be correct. I took an example of a very common tangible object of plastic cup to explain this. But this fact becomes highly complex when we deal with intangible things. Especially when it comes to energy dimensions like thoughts, feelings, consciousness etc. At the surface, anything is easy to understand and as one go deeper and deeper, it becomes an ocean and the deepest level everything is composed of the same thing. So that may the reason why a man of slightly deeper knowledge becomes more humble and as he understand deeper and deeper he will become more and more humble. This knowledge may help one to be non egoistic and help to keep ones feet grounded

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Absence of Love - Root cause of all sufferings

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize the meaning of something. Love is one such thing. You know millions just live and die even without seeing the tip of the iceberg of so called love. Its said that there is only form of energy in this whole of universe, and that's love. Either love is there or its absent. That one energy form transforms and transmutate into all the positive forms and energy and the absence if it take the form and energy of all negative aspects. Hate, fear everything is the absence of love.

The very purpose of our life is to realize love. I took the word realize because, it cannot be understood or comprehended. It has to be realized or experienced. We get the glimpses of it every now and then in our day to day experiences. Mother and Guru are close living experiences of love. Its not a highly complex thing. Its what we all are. Its so close, rather we are that, its that simple, but still we fail to experience it. We oversee it. We are made of love. There is nothing beyond love.But still we fails. Love is the only truth. Its the present moment. Its the now. Not in the past;nor in the future. But still we fails.

What I understand is that, because of the development of technology, we have completely become blind. We teach our children science, maths, computers etc. But we fail to teach them love. We completely ignored it. If at there is a root cause for any problem in this world, its because of the absence of love.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Clean Up Year - 2017

Some how, by seeing the things happening around the world, I have a gut feeling that collective consciousnesses has entered into a cleanup mode. Many institutions and people around the world, which have been nurtured because of the negative ambiance have started facing the heat. The "Agni Pareeksha" has begun. Many will get burnt and become ashes in the process. Institutions, people with values will start getting noticed and will come to the limelight for the first time after so many tiresome years of negativity. The fall will be the catchword. And in the process, finer things will crystallize for the better.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017


t has been about two yeas that I have started driving from Chenganur to Malayalapuzha and back daily. Close to sixty kilometers a day. In the initial days, I justified my decision of buying a diesel car because the monthly commutation would anyway come more than 1500 km a month and  a people say its only economical if you have more than 1200 KMs to commute per month. But even then, it pricked me at the back of my heart that I am spending too much on daily commutation and moreover becoming a reason for the increasing carbon footprint and in turn for the haphazard climatic change happening globally. So as an initial step I started driving car with least fuel consumption. car gurus usually says with few tips you can increase the mileage of the car by over 20%. I am experimenting. Also in a short period of time, I may find some way to stop this long distance driving business and find an alternate way of settling down. I have sent my wishes to the universe and now its duty to respond. Since the condition of my lower back is also deteriorating, I may soon choose an auto gear shift car which will reduce the burden on my back and the knees while applying clutches especially in bumper to bumper traffic. I have kept my eyes on the recently launched Ignis of Maruti- the AMT version. Also I may switch back to the petrol version of the car considering the pollution factor, and decreasing margin between the price of petrol and diesel in India.